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Ok, so I'm giving this a go, I'd love to complete it, but I'm aiming to do at least 50 as a more realistic goal!

Runs from Jun1 to Sep 8
Let the drabbles commence!!!

1) candle
2) scouts
3) doggie paddle
4) coconut
5) sultry
6) plant
7) ship
8) sand
9) cabana
10) water
11) day trip
12) jump
13) tan
14) bird
15) raft
16) popsicle
17) sink
18) stars
19) sundress
20) shades
21) blanket
22) parade
23) straw hat
24) tide
25) snorkle
26) slide
27) boys of summer
28) clambake
29) dandelion
30) haze
31) clouds
32) lake
33) charcoal
34) smoothie
35) salt
36) climb
37) air conditioning
38) arts and crafts
39) grill
40) lifeguard
41) swimsuit
42) stink
43) shell
44) dive
45) tropical
46) sweet
47) salt water taffy
48) sour
49) crab
50) fish
51) staycation
52) season
53) sun
54) turtle
55) wave
56) Picnic basket in a field of yellow dandelions, dandelion chain, blue sky
57) Driftwood coming out of the sand on a beach
58) A deck chair in a field of lavender flowers
59) A lighthouse on craggy rocks
60) Hands holding mixed berries
61) A busy beach at night, in a city, with fireworks overhead
62) Children playing in water from a fountain
63) Intense sunlight coming through a palm tree's fronds
64) A sweaty man looking at a broken/off fan
65) A cat licking a snowcone, with a tongue colored by the cone
66) An inflatable pool with yellow ducks and fake 'blood', with the sign 'blood bath'
67) Four children around a campfire
68) A large sand dune with a single line of tracks crossing it
69) A tent set up in a forest, by a stream
70) A city street at dusk, with open-air cafes
71) A Mayan temple (or Mayan-temple-themed waterslide), with a pool containing sharks
72) A silhouetted figure diving into a lake
73) A rusted truck sitting in a desert
74) A woman's lips holding a melting ice cube
75) A purple octopus in an underwater scene
76) Strings of multi-colored shells dangling
77) A pile of luggage set up before a large map
78) A green beverage (mojito? Limeade?) at the beach
79) A hammock hanging from a palm tree
80) A mermaid lounging underwater
81) Author's choice Bet
82) Author's choice: After
83) Author's choice: instructing someone else
84) Author's choice: Check
85) Author's choice: Exertion
86) Author's choice: Adversity
87) Author's choice: Travel Advice
88) Author's choice: Knight bracelet picture
89) Author's choice: Lizard offering tea
90) Author's choice:  emaciated lizard
91) Author's choice: big gob
92) Author's choice
93) Author's choice
94) Author's choice
95) Author's choice
96) Author's choice
97) Author's choice
98) Author's choice
99) Author's choice
100) Author's choice

049 / 100
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