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Some Ashton and Ariella drabbles from before they left Earth
Written for 100 drabbles of summer 2012

24) tide
I stood watching the tide. It watched me back. The was Mondue bay, the bay named after my family, but not named after me, not anymore. I changed my name, I tried to hide from it, but like the endless cycle of the tide and time it always came back. It always haunted me. It watched me, it drew me back here, time and again.

It made me relive it, made me remember my failures, my losses. It broke my heart all over again.

And yet I still came back. For a quick glimpse, memories engulfing me. Seeing them again.

51) staycation
I groaned, dragging my phone. Another text from Charlie.

Sun sea sand hot guys! Great time xx

Did she have to rub it in? She's in the Canary Islands, and we have a 'staycation', ie, sit at home because we're too poor for a holiday this year.

"I don't know why you're so fussed," piped up Mum from the kitchen, "people are paying hundreds to be this close to a beach."

Yeah. Tourist beach, covered in tourists! But we could visit any time, not fight for space.

"We could egg their house," whispered Ash. "They'd never know who!"

"Let's go!"

62) kids
62) kids Children playing in water from a fountain
Knobbly knees and missing teeth. Home done hair cuts and hand knitted jumpers. But they were only six, they didn't care.

They jumped in the freezing water, more pouring over their heads, mixing with the rain. The splashed each other, laughing. Freedom. No responsibilities. Life had been so easy, all she had to remember was her spellings for the test at the end of the week.

Kim eased the creased photo back into her purse, amongst the cards and notes, hidden from everyone. No one knew she still had it. No one knew she still remembered, still cried for them.

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