Mar. 15th, 2012

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Hi guys, and welcome to the Clutterbuck family. This is a legacy challenge called Build A New Life created by Krazybabe123 off Mod the Sims.

As a side note this is my first ever legacy, so any pointers would be very helpful! I would like to say in advance I’m sorry if my graphics aren’t perfect, my computer can’t take the maximum settings, but I don’t really notice a difference myself.

This is just a small intro post to the family and the background, as well as a learning post for me as i try to figure out how to stop the action buttons and such showing up!

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All here... Whenever i get around to it and figure out how to get rid of the action buttons! If anyone can tell me how to get rid of them and the pause button you would be God's forever! Also, how is the  image size?
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Cookie Monster

Author: [ profile] captain91

Fandom: Grimm

Character/Pairing: Monroe
Beta: Dar

Rating: G

Word count: 856
Prompt: 13 Red

Summary: All Monroe wants in a nice quiet morning. But the world has other ideas.

A/N: This was my first attempt at a piece of Grimm fan fiction, which I entered into [ profile] grimm_challenge and came second place! I also got a lovely shiny banner!


 This was doubled up for the [ profile] 100_tales challenge under the prompt red

I picked up my smallest tweezers, reaching into the depths of the clock. Such an antique I rarely saw - it must be several centuries old, of European make, and still in perfect working order. That was – ugh, my hand slipped. The doorbell, stupid modern technology always interrupting. Maybe if I ignored them they’d just go away.

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