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written for 100 drabbles of summer 2012
Muses: Ashton and Ariella
A series of drabbles of the pair as children before they left Earth. Set in roughly chronological order.

15) raft
Ash played on the beach, watched by his Mum and Dad. He felt so grown up, the first time they let him play by himself! He flashed a smile at everyone, showing off his first adult tooth; he was a big boy now.

He gathered the driftwood, crisp packets, empty plastic bottles littering the beach and wedged in rocks, making his seafaring raft. He'd be the youngest explorer every, and he'd find America, just like that other guy.

He laid them all out in the sand, just big enough for one foot.

"Ash, tea's ready!"

He ran home, raft forgotten.

33) charcoal
"Aire, Aire," shouted the heavy lump jumping on my bed. I pulled the covers over my head, only to have them ripped off.

"It's Christmas, come on," he shouted grabbing my arm and dragging me out of bed, rambling about his Mum letting us open our stockings early.

Presents? They got me presents? I'd only been here a couple of months. I grabbed the heavy stocking he handed me, opening it up on the floor. It was… it was… coal? My lip quivered.

He hugged me, switching the stockings. "Family joke." The stocking rolled, wrapped presents tumbled onto the floor.

61) df
61) dd A busy beach at night, in a city, with fireworks overhead

Fireworks streamed into the sky, bursting into bright lights with loud bangs. I clung onto mum with one hand, pointing with the other.

My first night down at the summer beach, it was amazing, nothing like the beach that haunted my dreams, the beach that took them… No! I won't think about that, I told myself sternly. I was safe here.

Someone bumped into me, the smell of a barbecue rolling off him as he walked off.

"I'm hungry," I murmured to our quiet group.

Mum lead up down to a beach fire, food being barbecued all around. Perfect.

35) salt
I looked over at Ash. Our Mum, or as he'd say 'his', wasn't well so we were making her favourite cake.

He'd been mean lately, calling me 'adopted sister'… which I am, but he's just my bro to me. I'm only here to make mum feel better, not for him.

"We need the sugar now."

I looked at the glass jars side by side: salt, sugar. Anyone could make the mistake, right? I grabbed a teaspoon and dipped it in. "Have a spoonful, no one's looking."

He opened his mouth, I tipped it in… we'd need a new cake mix!

17) sink
I watched the water in the sink, panic rising with the water. Why wouldn't it go down? I poked my finger in, some water splashing over the side. The plug was out.

"Dad? Dad!" I yelled, poking my head out the door, water ready to overflow. "Dad!"

"He's out," replied a lazy voice from the next room. My brother.

"Then give me a hand you great lump." The first drops hit the floor. He skulked in, water splashing over the sides as he worked.

"Ew!" He pulled out a large hairball, "This yours?" He threw the soggy matt at me.

29) dandelion
I stretched out, the shadow of the large oak dappling over my clothes. The long grass tickled my ears, cool and refreshing and it moved in the gentle breeze.

Everything was perfect. Quiet and peaceful, my own little spot. A nice break from the heat of the sun and traipsing around falling down castles – this year's holiday trip.

I picked a dandelion, completely gone to seed. They say if you make a wish…

I blew, watching the seeds float upwards, travelling to new parts, seeing the world.

A darker shadow fell over me. "Hey Sis," it whispered. My wish worked.

34) smoothie
The droning woke me. What the hell was that?

I staggered out of bed, squinting against the morning light – ok, late morning, I may have overslept a bit – put on my dressing gown and followed the irritation to the kitchen.

Ash stood there, perkily tossing handfuls of something into the blender, before turning it on. "Morning Sis," he shouted over the whine.

I moved closer, wiping my sleepy eyes. "What the hell is that?" I asked as he poured thick gloop into a glass. "You making concrete!"

He laughed, holding the glass out to me. "Protein smoothie, I'm getting pumped!"

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