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written for 100 drabbles of summer 2012
Muse: Aire

49) crab
"I wasn't a wimp, honest doctor, ignore my stupid brother," I said, casting a fuzzy-eyed glare at him.

"I never thought you were, replied the doctor diplomatically, but I could see the twinkle of laughter in his eyes.

"Y'see, the beach was empty. We saw a few tiny crab shells, I picked one up to have a look. But then I felt something touch my ankle, I looked down and they were everywhere! Thousands of them, heading for the sea and climbing over my legs. I jumped back, but fell. Then I was carried up the road."

"You passed out?"

58) fjhy
58) gjt A deck chair in a field of lavender flowers
I trampled through the field of beautiful flowers, giving off a scent not unlike Earth's lavender. My temper grew more sour. The sun shone down, warm on my back, the birds chirped. I hated ever goddamn petal.

"Why?" I yelled, spinning around to face Ash, his red hair bobbing over the top of borrowed chairs. "I was the Paki in school. I was the poor little orphan. I was the one people whispered killed her whole family. I could handle that. Why won't these 'people'," and yes, I made air quotes, "even look at me?"

Tears welled, I turned away.

63) ryu
63) hj6 Intense sunlight coming through a palm tree's fronds
Oh, my head! I raised my hand searching my memory, Did we have a party? Must've been on hellva doozy, Don't remember anything.

Light, diffused by smoke caught my eye in the room. Beach Girl. Kidnap. Tribe. Thieves. Ash! Everything flooded back, smacking me over the head.

No guard in the room, if I'm quick…

My feet took over, launching me through the village. I stopped at the shore, lost. The sun was overhead, I moved to the shade of a tree. The beauty stole my heart. The sun here, much dimmer even at midday, was large and pale orange.

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