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written for 100 drabbles of summer 2012
Muse: Aire

80) hrf
80) g5f A mermaid lounging underwater
Falling, falling, drifting away. Angel hair floating. An angel now. Drifting deeper, movements slower. I couldn't reach her! Her eyes opened. She smiled. Air bubbles blew from her mouth. She fell into darkness, dragged away.

Hot salty tears burned my eyes. Maybe I'd wept this sea, maybe my tears drowned her. But she can't be gone.

I let air from my lungs, like she had, it burnt, fire filling my chest. How did she smile? But soon I would be with her, soon it would be ok.

Something hard snapped around my waist, dragging me into the air.

"Mummy, no!"

12) jump
I stared down the gorge, endless lines of vertical jagged rock. Clacking beaks glinted at the bottom, some other unknown menace of a creature ready to maim and eat me.

"For God's sake Aire! Jump to me! I've got you!" yelled my brother on the other side. "They're carrying a bridge, we can't waste time." I looked into his imploring eyes, looked back at the wagons streaming over the plains behind me. They'd kill me on sight – or worse. But so would the jump.

"Please Aire, our wagons are leaving without us!"

I took a step back. Closing my eyes.

89) Author's choice: ghj   
89) Author's choice: lizard offering tea

Dark walls enclosing around us, a small hole at the top. But it wasn't small, the ant-like men above, men much bigger than us, threw us in there!

I watched Ash get to his knees, gingerly testing his hand. I pulled myself up into a sitting position. Lights came out of the rocky cave walls, lighting the area.

A shadow fell across my feet. Jesus Christ! I looked into a large beaked face – lizard? Dinosaur? In no way human!

"English drink tea to calm down?" its soft accented voice questioned as it placed a cup in front of me.


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