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Ok, so I only just realised I hadn't cross-posted this to my journal. A little note about "Twosday" on [ profile] charloft  for those not familiar with it. These posts are in the voice of a character, in this case one from an original novel who's named Kim for now. She may have gone a little kooky, but i guess it's to be expected in her circumstances!


What two things are you going to try this year that you've never done before?
So, see in this crazy new world here I think it’d be hard to find two things I’m going to do the same from my life before. I mean, it’s mad, I told Ashton we never should have gone down those potholes, now I’m stuck here. No phone, no tv, no internet. I can’t even get a dial up signal, it sucks! And then there’s the side bit of the soldiers trying to kill us, and those flying things that eat people. Jason would love it here man, I’ll have to get a picture on my camera to show him, man he’ll be sorry he missed it. But I can’t even send him a picture, it’s so unfair.

I wouldn’t mind learning to fight and maybe ride a horse, but apparently it’s not proper or natural. It’s not fair, it’s not. They may as well replace me with a doll for all the stuff they let me do!

Ashton’s trying to get me to join in in this life, but these people, they’re barbarians. We were in the butchers the other day, the guy looked straight through me when I was talking, wouldn’t even acknowledge me. I shouted at him, jumped in his face, and nothing. Just a blank stone look. I was gonna rearrange his face for him, see if he noticed me then, but Ash dragged me out, the big wimp. He says I’ve got to look nice and try to fit in, but it’s not like it’s my fault if they don’t get me round here. They’re savages, don’t even have electric, like those horror stories our folks tell about the past. The sit around and make conversation and sew together. It’s wrong, like prison.

Oh, shut up, Ashton! He’s stood behind me, reading my private stuff, as if it’s not bad enough that I have to use a pen and ink bottle, they don’t even have a typewriter, let alone a computer for me to use. But anyway, he’s saying I need to practice talking and writing less, like he’d know. It’s not like I talk too much, he just don’t talk enough is all. I don’t talk too mooch, you can see that, can’t you?



Ok, author speaking, I hope this is allowed. I’ve been trying to find the character’s voice. I want her to be annoying and talkative, but I still want people to be able to like her. As she spends longer in this world she will adapt. But do you think this is too much? She won’t speak often on page, but I don’t want to make readers want to put the book down when she does.

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People say 'write what you know,' so maybe that is why there's such a plethora of stories out there about writers? (And gay vampires)
What areas of personal expertise do you incorporate into your chars? Or do you take the opposite point of view, and deliberately try to write about chars who are unlike you, and have radically different experiences from your own?

If you're writing chars who have personal experiences that are drastically different from your own, how do you get into their heads? Do you exhaustively research their backgrounds and professions, or write in a fantasy realm so you get to create the world from scratch?

Well, I breed and train horses, fight mythical creatures most days, forge my weapons and run a farm. That and I live with a witch and a tyrant. So yes, my life is pretty much identical to a lot of my characters.


...Wait, what? Computer games and living with my parents doesn't count? Well damn, I guess my life is nothing like my characters. Ok, I think I should start with my parents aren't that bad… most of the time. Well, I say most of the time...

Let me explain a bit about my life. I'm nineteen, disabled and bedbound. I have been for several years now. I conduct my entire life online, I'm on here all day, and a lot of the night writing, reading and playing games. I've always had an interest in writing, but lately I've begun to consider it as a more serious potential career. I know I am nowhere near publishing level yet (for one thing I've been writing mainly fan-fiction until now) but I plan to learn.

I'm slowly trying most genres out, but sci-fi or fantasy are the ones that call to me the most. I guess it's part escapism, and part practicality since I'm not restricted to accurately depicting lifestyles and locations I can't see for myself. The novel plan I have in my head started out as a daydream of a bored girl - I think I was reading a fantasy novel and thinking about aspects I did or didn't like - when it said to me "Earth to Laura, you've just plotted a damn novel in your daydream, write it down and share it!"

'Write what you know' is a kind of limited concept for me, since I haven't been in the world at large for most of my recent life. That said though, I do have areas that I could draw on to make an accurate and serious tale:

  • Being the only kid in a wheelchair in a school not well adapted, and with unhelpful staff and students alike
  • Being bullied for something out of my hands
  • Being constantly in pain and having to watch people do the things I wanted to do
  • Hospitals; stays away from parents, having the final say in my care from when I was eleven (my parents always gave me the truth about what doctors said, regardless of what they suggested. I really appreciated that as it was my body and life that were affected, but it meant it also put more stress on me)
  • Dealing with the rifts it's caused in my family, having to live this way

Those are just a few of the issues I could put into fiction to make an interesting story, in my opinion anyway. I've had ideas before, but it always makes me feel really awkward, like I'm laying myself naked on the page. They never get far, but maybe that will change when I get more confident in my writing. I think I also sort of live vicariously through my characters; I can't go out and do things, but they can, which is a possible other reason why I don't write what I know more often.

And finally, the core experience that we here all share is that we are in some form, writers. Are any of your chars writers, or does the thought of putting pen to paper bore them stiff?
If your chars are writers, what do they write?


I don't think any of my characters are writers, at least not as their main profession, but I guess that again could be to do with me living through my characters, therefore they wouldn't do the same things I do.

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Long time no see, hi all!

So, I got back from hell respite some time ago, but I’ve been flagging a bit on the whole doing stuff thing. I got out of the swing of things. I think I’m more in tune again, and hopefully you’ll see me more soon.

One of the tings I recently did was to join [ profile] charloft . I’ve had a rough couple of weeks so not much has been posted yet by me, but I like a lot of the prompts that I see so I think I’ll be doing more of them as time goes on. For those of you that don’t know they put up a prompt of some sort every day. The Monday one is for the author to answer, the rest of the week you answer as one of your characters.

I figured I’d post my prompts here as a cross reference and so this place has a bit less tumbleweed floating around! So, onto my introduction post:


Monday Third of Janurary 2011 Writing Goals )




And to everyone out there who still remembers me, yes, I am alive! Drop me a line and let me know how life’s been treating you, new storiues you’ve been writing etc


Take care


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