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It's summertime, and that means holiday travel for some, and "stay-cations" for others. Make a list of instructions and helpful information for would-be tourists to your town, city, or kingdom.

Mun note: Ok, I'm going to do this for Lizetus, as a guide that Master Yuigi gave to my characters when they arrived. Doing it for Cornwall, while fun, would be too easy to get wrong!

5 things to be sure to pack
Change of clothes
Handy weapon in your belt, something that can both tab and slash
Disgusting smelling cream that's the equivalent of sun cream here
Food, you can never be sure which tasty looking berries you can eat
A paper pad, there'll be lots of things you'll want to draw or record for later perusing

4 tourist traps or attractions )

3 places to stay (or to avoid) )

2 of the most famous or infamous local residents )

and 1 handy tip to help a traveller keep their money, their health, and their sanity
When you smile always show your teeth, most locals don't have any, it unnerves them.

For those overachievers, you may also write a drabble incorporating the theme of travel advice. If you choose to do so, it can count toward your "author's choice" drabbles for the summer drabble tally.

Written as one of my 100 drabbles of summer
87) Author's choice Travel Advice )

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Cross-Posted from [ profile] charloft. Let me know what you think.
Written from the point of view of my protagonist a few days after he finds himself trapped in an alien world, having to deal with things beyond his understanding.

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Make a list of memories you have of your mother. Whether good, bad, or indifferent - there's bound to be some memories there. If you never knew or can't remember your mother, feel free to make a list of someone else you consider a maternal figure.



My mother


I remember the smell of Christmas dinner waking me in the morning,

I remember the tender smile and hug, even when I pretended to object,

I remember her silently sitting down with chocolate ice cream and two spoons when my first girl friend dumped me.

And she never talked, was just silent support

I remember when…


Oh hell, I'm sorry, I can't do this. Poem About the Father Instead )



Author's note: I know it said your mother or a maternal figure, but the father was the one that really grabbed me. I hope this is OK


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