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Doubling up for 100 drabbles of summer 2012
83) Author's choice: instructing someone else
Muse: Ariella

"No no no!" I yelled, patience snapping. "You need to be firm, don't yield to their suggestions.

Ash glanced at me. "I'm…  not sure if that is a good idea."

Was he talking to me or them? "They're just suggesting these paths because they have family that way. But the only way to save them is to euthanize where the disease already is."

He stuttered a version of what I said. We all stood around a crude map. Not one of the men noticed me. I was a woman so I couldn't possibly be clever.

Yet I was in charge.
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I thought, since everyone else has one, that I'd jump on the band wagon and make my own Master fic list to keep track of my scattered work. I will add more as it gets written

First off: my 100 drabbles of summer table 2011
and: 100 drabbles of summer 2012

My main Fics )

100 prompt table )
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I had a hell of a lot of fun with this prompt, I haven't really gone into that much detail creating a sim before. Anyway, on with the show!
This was written for a prompt at [ profile] charloft, a writing community. Ashton and Ariella and both creations from an original novel of mine. I really enjoyed making them, seeing them come to life and play with the faces. I just wish I had a way to add a scar to Ashton's cheek.

Ashton: This is me and my sis Ariella. *whispers* I was really rather kind to her, she's a lot more --
Ariella: Oi! Like you can talk! You're not nearly that presentable! Why, I've seen zombies with more flesh on their faces!
Ashton: How d--

Mun *cough* excuse me? Not the time for arguing

Ashton: ok, ok, sorry (spoil sport). This is us just standing around in a field or… something

Come under the covers to see more of me... and her... ugh that sounds wrong! )

If you are interested in owning them you can find these sims here:
Household (both of them related)

Some of Ashton’s clothes are also there. He probably left them in his last conquest's bedroom...

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Cookie Monster

Author: [ profile] captain91

Fandom: Grimm

Character/Pairing: Monroe
Beta: Dar

Rating: G

Word count: 856
Prompt: 13 Red

Summary: All Monroe wants in a nice quiet morning. But the world has other ideas.

A/N: This was my first attempt at a piece of Grimm fan fiction, which I entered into [ profile] grimm_challenge and came second place! I also got a lovely shiny banner!


 This was doubled up for the [ profile] 100_tales challenge under the prompt red

I picked up my smallest tweezers, reaching into the depths of the clock. Such an antique I rarely saw - it must be several centuries old, of European make, and still in perfect working order. That was – ugh, my hand slipped. The doorbell, stupid modern technology always interrupting. Maybe if I ignored them they’d just go away.

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Right, sorry in advance for any spamming over the next couple of month's, but i have joined charloft's 100 drabbles of summer. 100 drabbles in 100 days, i very much doubt i will finish, but at least I will have written more than I otherwise would!

These will be a mixture of fan fition and original, I will find a way to show what's what, but as of yet i don't know how.

Without further ado...

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Wish me Luck!Off to read prompts and do thinky-thoughts!


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