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Hi guys,

So I know most of what you've seen from me in the last 3 months have been posts with original fiction drabbles for a challenge called 100 drabbles of summer. For those of you sick of these you'll be glad to know the competition ends tomorrow

I never dreamed of getting all 100, I aimed myself at 50 but had hopes of reaching 75. as you may or may not know I've been ill to the point of only being able to get up for a few hours a day, and some days not at all, so around half way through I kind of gave up. But through the help of some fantastic friends who threw ideas, prompts and images at me as of just now I wrote my fiftieth drabble! I met my goal, which I think is pretty damn good for feeling like crawling in a whole and dying!

This also means I have written 5000 words of fiction of my own making in this time (plus almost that many probably got deleted), I got to know my characters better, I got more ideas than I could ever fit into one novel, and most importantly I proved to myself that I can still reach my goals by doing little and often, I just have to break it down into smaller stages.

I aim to keep my journal active from now on, not let it fall into a slumber again. I'm not sure what I'll do, maybe review some of the autumn shows starting back up, maybe enter the odd fan fiction competition, and maybe just rant at you!

And finally I would like to thank my wonderful friends Jennifer and Denise who dragged me over my personal finish line with hours to spare. Even when I sent them neurotic emails in the middle of the night they dealt with me and got me back on my feet.
So thank you ladies, you are true friends.

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So, as promised, pictures:


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Jun. 7th, 2010 05:46 pm
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Hi guys


So I was sitting here thinking what a wonderful job I’d done this time on making sure I notified everyone of something.

Game founders – check

Forum owners – check

Family – check

Email contacts – check

Livejournal – err, oops!


Right, so to sum this up on and off for three years we’ve been supposed to be getting a specialised bedroom and bathroom built on the back of the house for me. This I supposed to make things easier, but requires me moving into respite while they do it.


I’m going tomorrow, for up to four months, depending on how slow the builders are. Really not happy about this, the place seems inappropriate, understaffed, and I just plain don’t want to go.


Hopefully a friend or two will come to visit while I’m in there, otherwise I will go mad. I don’t know if I have internet yet or not, trying to work out these usb internet things at the moment to see. So if I vanish off your radar you know why!


I’ll do a separate post with some pictures of the respite room and the house before they start, then keep a sort of journal of how it’s going, and how I feel about it.


Your best bet of getting hold of me will be, and please do send me things to keep me sane!


I’ll have very limited downloads if I do have internet, so links to fics, or published fiction that finds its way to me would be much appreciated.


Take care everyone and I’ll see you on the other side

Laura / captain91

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I didn’t think it had been this long since I updated, but apparently I’m extremely slack lately!

This all still feels so weird, it’s hard to put into words, but it’s kind of like I still feel it’s a dream and will get ripped away any second. Under no stretch of the imagination can I say I miss the RSD though! It’s peaceful without it, but I’m struggling to keep my concentration in nay one place.

In the past six years a very good nights sleep for me has been three hours due to the pain. This pattern seems to have been deeply imbedded in my as my sleep pattern hasn’t returned; but I do keep falling asleep on the laptop! I get logged in, set up, then while I’m waiting for something to set up I nod off (really annoying!). still, I suppose I shouldn’t complain as it’s increasing my sleep time.


It took the best part of a week, but my physios did finally get out. They’ve been coming every weekday to do work (shock, horror, since when did the NHS do what I ask?) to do general work, but all my other problems are still making it tediously slow. We’re waiting on funding for a specialised wheelchair for me now, knowing them it’ll take months though, not good when I want to be up. If it’ll be better in the long run though then I guess it is worth the wait, it just really annoys me to know I can do something but not have the equipment I need.

…I suppose I could always auction my father off to pay for it  lol, but I think I’d have to pay for someone to take him away!


Going back to my physios they are both male, but unfortunately weedy and ugly (send me a cute physio and I might just work harder!). I’m going to get pictures of both of them with or without their permission so when I nag about them you can put a name to the faces. At the moment my main grump about them (apart form the fact that Barry seems to have a radar so he can put his finger in a sore on my ankle every single time he moves me) is that they brought me a virus. I hate that I seem to catch every slight thing that comes in the room and get a strong bout of it. I hope my immune system picks up sooner rather than later or I’m never going to be able to go out in crouds.



And finally I’m a chicken, it has been scientifically proven!!! I wanted to send an email to a professional dancer on strictly come dancing called Brian Fortuna to say I loved his dancing and thought he was great. He also specialises in wheelchair ballroom, and I’ve head over heels fallen for him. I wrote out the email, with my appreciation and how I’d love it if I was well enough to go to the live show next year, put it in the web form on his page, filled out my details then chickened out and ran for the hills. I do that far too often for my liking, I blame my mother’s genes!

…So, I think I’m probably crazy to be asking this, but any non-chickens in the area are welcome to do what I couldn’t, let him know he’s an inspiration, and point me out where I’ll be hiding nervously under the settee! I admit if I got a reply for my birthday I’d be on cloud nine, but that would just be an added benefit.
I'm not sure if i'm hoping someone will take this bait or dreading it... but i think i'm hoping, or i might have to pull my finger out and use my own guts

Ok, I’m officially rambling so I’ll now make myself sign off

I love you guys

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Erm hi *waves*


Well I know I don’t use my blog for much (I hope that’ll change soon though), and don’t know if anyone actually reads this, but I had to write this up.


As some of you will know I have a condition called Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD) that has been increasingly debilitating for me over the last six years, leaving me bedbound for at least the past three. it compromises of constant pain that feels like you are being boiled alive and repeatedly hit by heavy boulders, along with muscle loss and weak skin as movement lessens. It has left me with no use of my right leg with my knee and ankle stiffened so you could draw a straight line along it from my hip to my toes.


Anyway, I have had this living hell day in, day out with absolutely no respite from it. Not for one measly second. And then I woke up this morning… well I think I woke up, although I may have been sucked into an alternate reality, or a hallucination! The RSD is vanished, every last speck of it is gone. I still have pain from blisters and sores, but no RSD in sight. I haven’t moved yet, I’m scared it’ll suddenly come back upon me, and I have no idea what to do while it’s not here. I feel strangely sick and dizzy, the sudden change just makes me feel really odd. I have to keep looking to see if my leg is still there!!!


There is a thing that can happen to RSD patients called remission where some or all of the RSD goes away. This usually happens in the first couple of years though if it is going to, and there’s nothing to say it’s permanent. It could come back in an hour’s time, a week or even a decade. This is making me very uncertain of what to do, do I keep still and enjoy the lack of pain, and hope it stay away? Do I try to get some of the things done that I need to? If it stays away at what point do I decide to start doing things rather than just waiting? I have no idea and feel really lost, so anyone who wants to put in their view would be welcome.


Finally, I apologise for possible bad spelling, as I hope you can understand I’m a little scattered!

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I was tagged for this a few days ago by

[ profile] doctorsdiva  but forgot about it. Not all of this will make sense if you haven’t read a little about my health (my first post should contain the basics). Feel free to think I’m mad, but you should have known that when you added me anyway!

Any questions leave a comment or pm me



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*looks up* I um, tend to ramble at times!

I'm not tagging anyone, but if you haven't done it make me happy and do so! Now I'll post this before I lose the nerve

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Ok, since I’m new on here I figure I should probably do a short intro, even though I hate the things.

Well I’m Laura, sixteen years old and living in the east of England the last time I checked. That said, I’ve been bed bound for about twp years now, so for all I know the rest of the world apart from the house (and the Chinese takeaway!) were destroyed any no one told me. Hmmm… well if you’re reading this then I guess you must exist too, so maybe that theory isn’t correct!

My health isn’t brilliant; I have a type of never damage called RSD which started in my lower right leg five years ago, and has now spread full body. It’s left my right leg unable to lift by itself, and the rest of me with limitations and a hell of a lot of pain, so I have to be dependant on my mother. I’m more than happy to go into details if people want to know more, just drop me a mail – and hope I figure out how to open it.


I enjoy writing fiction, particularly Doctor Who and Torchwood fan fiction. I currently have a whofic account, but not much of my work is uploaded right now. I also have various other short pieces, half completed works and drabbles stashed in files on other subjects that I expect I’ll find a use for one day. If anyone is willing to help me improve my writing I’d be extremely grateful. I know it’s not fantastic at the moment, but I’d like to change that


Well that’s about all I can think of about me for now, thanks for dropping by and reading


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