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Hello, hello

I'm alive! And rather slack at updating, sorry about that! So I finally have some pictures of my new room, all decorated now. The pictures might be a bit all over the place, but my mother's camera skills are… erm… well useless lol

So, very picture heavy below, so be warned! )

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Ok, since I’m new on here I figure I should probably do a short intro, even though I hate the things.

Well I’m Laura, sixteen years old and living in the east of England the last time I checked. That said, I’ve been bed bound for about twp years now, so for all I know the rest of the world apart from the house (and the Chinese takeaway!) were destroyed any no one told me. Hmmm… well if you’re reading this then I guess you must exist too, so maybe that theory isn’t correct!

My health isn’t brilliant; I have a type of never damage called RSD which started in my lower right leg five years ago, and has now spread full body. It’s left my right leg unable to lift by itself, and the rest of me with limitations and a hell of a lot of pain, so I have to be dependant on my mother. I’m more than happy to go into details if people want to know more, just drop me a mail – and hope I figure out how to open it.


I enjoy writing fiction, particularly Doctor Who and Torchwood fan fiction. I currently have a whofic account, but not much of my work is uploaded right now. I also have various other short pieces, half completed works and drabbles stashed in files on other subjects that I expect I’ll find a use for one day. If anyone is willing to help me improve my writing I’d be extremely grateful. I know it’s not fantastic at the moment, but I’d like to change that


Well that’s about all I can think of about me for now, thanks for dropping by and reading


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