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written for 100 drabbles of summer 2012
Muse: Tyrant, Ashton

Disclaimer: this picture was found on this blog post by a friend. I fell in love with it and asked a friend who makes miniatures if she could ask on some forums if anybody knows where it came from. Sadly nobody came forward, so I cannot give due credit. So if you made this or know who did, please email me so I can give credit.

I decided to write for it anyway as it inspired me so much, so I hope you approve.

Full size image under the cut

88) Author's choice: gf

Knight bracelet picture )
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85) Author's choice: Exertion
Counted as one of my 100 drabbles of summer
Muse: Ashton

I glared down at the large, thorny plant. It sat there, thick vines protecting that one single flower I needed. The thorns were red, reflecting deeply scored lines in my arms.

I wiped my forehead from the exertion, I'd been at this for over an hour. I couldn't reach through the vines, I couldn't cut them off, I was stumped. But I had to have that flower; the key ingredient to the antidote.

First I had to get the flower home though. Time to dig the whole thing up and deal with thorns later.

Back breaking work, here I come!

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Hopefully you are all familiar with the 'Keep Calm and Carry On' meme, based off British WWII posters. Even if you're not, you don't need familiarity to participate today!

Go here and create a 'Keep Calm' poster for your character(s). Save 'em and post 'em! (But do so behind cuts, please, for large images!)

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Written for 100 drabbles of summer 2012
 Muse: Ariella

84) Author's choice: check
"Water blaster," called Ash from behind a clipboard.

"Check!" I replied.

"Extra large water bombs."


"Stink bombs."

"Check." I looked down at the bright, enticing packet. "Mum'll kill you if she finds these."

"So don't tell her," he replied with a cheeky grin. "Aunt Matilda's posh little brats deserve them. I'll give you a fiver if you can set one off in their wardrobe." He waggled his eyebrows.

"Ok, deal, but you have to pack a water gun for me too! We can tag team them!"

"Extra large water gun for sister," he said pointing at his wardrobe.


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A/N Written for 100 drabbles of summer 2012
Author:  captain91
Fandom: original fiction
Characters:  Ashton, Ariella

-- 2. scout, )

-- 3. doggie paddle )

-- 64  a a sweaty man looking at a broken/off fan )

--37 air conditioning )

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Written for both [ profile] charloft drabble prompt: "bet" and 100 drabbles of summer 2012 prompt: 81) Author's choice

Author:  captain91
Fandom: original fiction
Characters: Ashton, Ariella
Prompt: bet / 81) Author's choice
Summary: To get a man's attention...

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Ok, so I'm giving this a go, I'd love to complete it, but I'm aiming to do at least 50 as a more realistic goal!

Runs from Jun1 to Sep 8
Let the drabbles commence!!!

Prompts this way )

049 / 100


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