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Hello, hello

I'm alive! And rather slack at updating, sorry about that! So I finally have some pictures of my new room, all decorated now. The pictures might be a bit all over the place, but my mother's camera skills are… erm… well useless lol

So, very picture heavy below, so be warned! )

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So, as promised, pictures:


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Jun. 7th, 2010 05:46 pm
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Hi guys


So I was sitting here thinking what a wonderful job I’d done this time on making sure I notified everyone of something.

Game founders – check

Forum owners – check

Family – check

Email contacts – check

Livejournal – err, oops!


Right, so to sum this up on and off for three years we’ve been supposed to be getting a specialised bedroom and bathroom built on the back of the house for me. This I supposed to make things easier, but requires me moving into respite while they do it.


I’m going tomorrow, for up to four months, depending on how slow the builders are. Really not happy about this, the place seems inappropriate, understaffed, and I just plain don’t want to go.


Hopefully a friend or two will come to visit while I’m in there, otherwise I will go mad. I don’t know if I have internet yet or not, trying to work out these usb internet things at the moment to see. So if I vanish off your radar you know why!


I’ll do a separate post with some pictures of the respite room and the house before they start, then keep a sort of journal of how it’s going, and how I feel about it.


Your best bet of getting hold of me will be, and please do send me things to keep me sane!


I’ll have very limited downloads if I do have internet, so links to fics, or published fiction that finds its way to me would be much appreciated.


Take care everyone and I’ll see you on the other side

Laura / captain91


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