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Ok guys and gals, this is you last chance to win a bonafide, one of a kind, personal piece of fiction that you’ll help to create. Don’t miss out on this splen-diferous, all out wonder that will make you the talk of the town for weeks to come.

To get there go to the auction thread and open the one with your author of choice's name on it.

It aint over till the fat lady (I think I can get away with saying that's my mother ;] ) sings so wiggle those hips and get the plastic a-shaken!

Since most bidders are from out of fandom (that makes me feel almost as loved as Gilmore girls right now) I’ll give a choice between Torchwood, or Doctor Who (ninth or tenth only – but he does not have multiple nipples before anyone asks!). if desired the wonderful winner will also get a signed hardcopy and – roots through pockets (which are multi-dimensional) for something a add – big slobbery kiss!

…on a more serious note (I assume we’re allowed to do serious during an auction?) I’d like to thank everyone for going to such lengths for pooh, a woman that most of us met for the first time just a couple of weeks ago. It’s clear from looking round in here how well loved she is, so we’ll just have to make sure she’s here to stay with reduced medical bills.

English time dictates I hit the hay now, but I look forward to seeing final bids in the morning. Have fun without me *sniff*
There's no way i'l be able to sleep tonight! It's like exams but without the worry!

At this point in time i'm up to $65 (i think) but would love ot see it go higher. Is anyone else getting nervous now? I know I am - scared i'll mess up with someone's real live wages on me! but hell don't even think of telling me to step down, unless it's the end of the world
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Well, as I expect you know the author auction is now open on support Stacie. Woot! You can find the link to the forum here.


I wasn’t nervous till a couple of days ago when a lovely friend asked me if I was! Now I’m really hoping I don’t mess up. If anyone’s interested the thread to bid on me can be found here.


While you’re there, please check out my friend Geo. He writes in the HP fandom about the and ventures of Harry’s son James Sirius Potter. You can find the link to his first site here (from which you can find his second book too), and his thread for bidding here. He has a large fanbase at his forum, the grotto keep – expect them bickering shortly!

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For those of you that don’t know there’s a fanfiction auction going on over Thanks Giving to help raise money for a lady who needs financial help with medical bills due to breast cancer. You can find the information about the current auction here.

I spoke with a friend who writes James Potter fanfiction which you can find the start of here, and persuaded him to join in. since his Grotto Keep Forum where we congregate to discuss his books has five hundred members I’m hoping that at least some of them will help.

Now I’ve signed up for Torchwood fanfic! EEEK! Minor panic now!

If anyone's still free to beta I'd appreciate the help


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