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I thought, since everyone else has one, that I'd jump on the band wagon and make my own Master fic list to keep track of my scattered work. I will add more as it gets written

First off: my 100 drabbles of summer table 2011
and: 100 drabbles of summer 2012

My main Fics )

100 prompt table )
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Author: [info]captain91 
Fandom: Torchwood
Characters: Toshiko, Ianto
19. Itch
Length: 100 words

Rating. Not sure if this needs a rating, but PG to be on the safe side
Summary: Tosh walks in on an embarrassing scene.

A/N Written for 100 drabbles of summer



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Maybe the escaped homicidal alien can wait a few minutes, thought Tosh, blushing. She'd been on her way over to let them know when she heard Ianto in the room, door ajar. She didn't want to walk in on them, but the alien mustn't kill again.


Steeling herself, Tosh knocked on the wood panel next to the glass door, doing her best not to look.




She looked up to see Ianto with a kitchen instrument in his cast. Phew.


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Written for [ profile] charloft's 100 drabbles of summer

Author: [ profile] captain91

Fandom: Torchwood

Characters: Jack, Gwen, Owen

Prompt: hammock

Length: 100 words

Summary: Can the team get any work done while in Hawaii?

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Three Torchwood drabbles for [ profile] charloft 's 100 drabbles of summer (table here).



Fandom: Torchwood

Characters: Jack, Toshiko, Owen

Prompt: Watermelon for charloft 100 drabbles of summer

Rating: G

Word count: 100



Watermelon... )





Fandom: Torchwood

Characters: Jack, Ianto

Prompt: Swim for charloft 100 drabbles of summer

Rating: G

Word count: 100



Swim... )





Fandom: Torchwood

Characters: Jack, Ianto

Prompt: Drown for charloft 100 drabbles of summer

Rating: 12? Mentions of drowning and torture

Word count: 100



Drown... )


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Right, sorry in advance for any spamming over the next couple of month's, but i have joined charloft's 100 drabbles of summer. 100 drabbles in 100 days, i very much doubt i will finish, but at least I will have written more than I otherwise would!

These will be a mixture of fan fition and original, I will find a way to show what's what, but as of yet i don't know how.

Without further ado...

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Wish me Luck!Off to read prompts and do thinky-thoughts!
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I need a quick beta doing on a Torchwood fic. Mainly I need spelling checks, a little comma herding and since it is to be written so it can be understood by someone with little to no Torchwood knowledge I need the data checked that I’ve included

This is part one and is about 6000 words

I’ll be offline for a couple of hours now, but if possible I would like to get it beta’d once I get back.

Thanks in advance

ETA: i got the lovely [ profile] amberfocus  to do it
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ok, i need some help. i know i've seen this alien somewhere before, and i'm currently writing about it, bu i can't think what ti is and am struggling to describe it. any help on description or what ti is would eb greatly appreciated. the images aren't great - there's not much you can do in paint!

pictures under the cut... )


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For those of you that don’t know there’s a fanfiction auction going on over Thanks Giving to help raise money for a lady who needs financial help with medical bills due to breast cancer. You can find the information about the current auction here.

I spoke with a friend who writes James Potter fanfiction which you can find the start of here, and persuaded him to join in. since his Grotto Keep Forum where we congregate to discuss his books has five hundred members I’m hoping that at least some of them will help.

Now I’ve signed up for Torchwood fanfic! EEEK! Minor panic now!

If anyone's still free to beta I'd appreciate the help

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Ok, since I’m new on here I figure I should probably do a short intro, even though I hate the things.

Well I’m Laura, sixteen years old and living in the east of England the last time I checked. That said, I’ve been bed bound for about twp years now, so for all I know the rest of the world apart from the house (and the Chinese takeaway!) were destroyed any no one told me. Hmmm… well if you’re reading this then I guess you must exist too, so maybe that theory isn’t correct!

My health isn’t brilliant; I have a type of never damage called RSD which started in my lower right leg five years ago, and has now spread full body. It’s left my right leg unable to lift by itself, and the rest of me with limitations and a hell of a lot of pain, so I have to be dependant on my mother. I’m more than happy to go into details if people want to know more, just drop me a mail – and hope I figure out how to open it.


I enjoy writing fiction, particularly Doctor Who and Torchwood fan fiction. I currently have a whofic account, but not much of my work is uploaded right now. I also have various other short pieces, half completed works and drabbles stashed in files on other subjects that I expect I’ll find a use for one day. If anyone is willing to help me improve my writing I’d be extremely grateful. I know it’s not fantastic at the moment, but I’d like to change that


Well that’s about all I can think of about me for now, thanks for dropping by and reading


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