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I thought, since everyone else has one, that I'd jump on the band wagon and make my own Master fic list to keep track of my scattered work. I will add more as it gets written

First off: my 100 drabbles of summer table 2011
and: 100 drabbles of summer 2012

My main Fics )

100 prompt table )
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Title: Alone in the Dust
Author: [personal profile] captain91 
Character/Pairing: Captain Jack Harkness
Spoilers: series 1 finale of Doctor Who
Rating: G
Summary: Jack comes back to life of the Game Station all alone. This is how he copes.

A/N: Two related drabbles written to get my creative juices flowing

Two drabbles under the cut... )
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In an attempt to get back writing I’m taking the advice of some friends and tapping out some drabbles. Don’t expect high quality, but I’m posting them so that I can see I’ve made progress

Title: As Martha Goes Back To Her Life
Author: [ profile] captain91 
Character/Pairing: Martha Jones, Tenth Doctor
Spoilers: series 3 of Doctor Who
Rating: G
Summary: Martha makes the decision to leave the Doctor behind to look after her family.

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pinched from [ profile] dameruth  since i need something to write. the analyser is here


Silhouette of a man and woman appears to be gender neutral (a slight preference for female).

well, at least they got me roughly on the right place in my gender, although i'd say it shows i'm female more

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I just got my homework completed for the week apart from one exam on Wednesday morning and thought I’d take a bit of me time (a thing that’s been far too rare lately) and do some writing. But I’ve since been sat here for the afternoon deleting everything I write after a few sentences. I’m presuming it’s a mix of writer’s block and depression, but it’s driving me insane. :(

I assume most of the writers here get stuck form time to time. What do you do when you can’t form a plot, challenges don’t have prompts that appeal to you, and everything you do write seems flat and lifeless. I really want to write but don’t know where to start – and that’s possibly the first time in my life I’ve been like this.

I don’t now whether to use my emotions t help (and risk breaking down but possibly get it out in the open) or go wit something light hearted.


Can anyone help?

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[Error: unknown template qotd]my computer - it's my only wya to communicate and gives most of my entertainment

tv/video and dvd player - again a source of entertainment i couldn't live without. and that would mean no doctor who - terrifying!!!


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