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Last time on the Clutterbuck legacy:
Table had his hopes and dreams shattered by his mother, then took refuge in the library, where he made a friend.
For the first time in years he played with somebody his own age, even though he lied about his name.
Then he asked for food… and the boy walked off.
This mother went into the mausoleum, then started a fight with a woman in the graveyard, still singed and tatty.

Archive 1.0  1.1

Cordelia is still… well actually doing exactly the same. Argue, fight, slap. Rinse and repeat. Ah well, she’s getting hungry, this should get interesting
*sim God evil laughter*

Table: Cornell? Cornell? You are coming back, right?

Table: Well you can’t hide in the library Cornell, I’m coming to find you…

Scs 4
Table: Found you!
Cornell: Ah…
Table: We were playing hide and seek, right?

Table: So, about some food? Please, I’m really hungry man! Even thought we’re having this conversation in a bathroom!

Scs 7
Cornell: of course, sorry it’s not the steak you wanted
Table: Mmm, cereal, thanks man! *Walks off with food*

Table: Mmm nom nom nom, eating, go away!

Scs 11
Table: Ahh, all full up, now I need go potty!

Cornell: Uh… yeah, you’re welcome. Just feel free to leave the bowl… ah, you did

Scs 13
And Cordelia has found some company too, in the form of… a stone Grim Reaper
Cordelia: Yeah, that old cow was so mean and so wrong, but I showed her, you saw! It was like the caves below, people laughed at me, but I showed them, I came out dignified. i…

*sim God* Ah, maybe that’s how he became stone in the first place

Scs 14
Table relieves himself (no, you don’t get to see that you perverts!), and apart from energy his bars are pretty full. Now, to get home before curfew kicks in and gives his mother another reason to complain

Table gets home with minutes to spare
Table: Ah, I wasn’t expecting her here, now what do I do? And since when did she read?

Table: Maybe I can take it for a joy ride and tip her off!

Table Aargh! Car crash! Hey, she’s gone! Well, I guess I’ll stretch out and take a nap here now

Scs 19
Cordelia moved over to the table and chairs… and carried on reading
*sim God* I hate to tell you lady, but you’ve only got the one book!

Sidenote: I wonder if I don’t lead her to a shower how long she will stay like that?!

Scs 20
Cordelia wakes table up shortly after
Cordelia: Leave the room! Go away!
*sim God* uh lady… you don’t have any rooms!
Table: But Mum, it’s past curfew, I can’t…

Cordelia: I’m so hungry!
Table: I’m not edible!
Cordelia: Get lost!

They went on like this for over an hour.

Scs 23
Now what is she up to?
Scs 24
Cordelia: BOO!! GET LOST!

Scs 26
Cordelia: *grumble* bloody kid! Licking me out of my own home. Just like his father!

Scs 28
Cordelia: Well, I know where I can sleep, I saw it earlier. It’s not like I believe in ghosts or anything!

Scs 25
Table Zzzz…

Scs 30
Cordelia: HUNGRRRRRYYYY!!!!!!
*sim God* oh, go back to sleep you old crony!

Scs 31
Scs 32
Table woke up a couple of times in the night (still in his joy riding gear, how cute!), but soon went back to sleep. All in all a pretty good night.

Scs 33
Cordelia grabbed a cab as soon as she woke up, trying to catch Table before he left for school
Cordelia: I hate my life!!!!!!!! I need money!!!!!! And food!!!!! And money!!!!!

Scs 34
Cordelia: I bet he has money, just wait until we’re on a deserted patch or road. Just wait, Patience…

Scs 35
Cordelia: Damn school bus is here, I can’t rob him now!
Table: Yes! School bus is here I don’t have to face Mother!
Mailwoman: Oops, mustn’t think criminal thoughts in front of home owners!

Table went off to school verging on dirty, but otherwise ok!

Scs 36
Cordelia: My husband was a star! I should be a star. Why aren’t I a star?
Mailwoman: I wonder if she knows someone set her on fire for rambling at random people?

Scs 38
Cordelia: Or a planet, then I could smash into him and make him take notice of me.
Mailwoman: Geez is it possible to not notice this woman?! Get me out of here

Scs 39
Scs 40
Mailwoman: *Yells* Enjoy your bills! *Runs off*
Cordelia: But I’m so – Huh, where’d she go?

Scs 41
A bill for $33
*sim God* they only have a bench, 2 chairs and a table, why do they have bills? I thought the challenge said they wouldn’t

Scs 42
Cordelia went off in search of food and sleep, she had run out of people to argue with
Cordelia: Hello? Any sexy firemen to help a poor lost soul? Anyone?

Scs 43
Cordelia: A toilet! Hurrah! Now I won’t have to use the bushes out back
*sim God* Yeah, but don’t think you’re using that shower!

Scs 44
Cordelia: And food! Lots and lots of food. I’m sure the firemen won’t mind if I eat some.

Scs 48
Scs 45
Scs 46
Ugh, this one was too salty!
Ugh, this one was too sweet!
Aah, just right!

Scs 52
Cordelia: BURRRPPP! God, I’m shattered. I wonder where those firemen are?
*sim God* good question actually, and there wasn’t a single ghost n the graveyard all night, do they take a few days to spawn or something?

Scs 53
Cordelia: Ah, beds! Real beds, I’m sure those hard working strapping lads won’t mind little old me taking a nap

Scs 54
Cordelia: Ugh, that bed’s too dirty… well it is now all my dirt rubbed off on it

And we finally get a look at her tattoos, from a life before scrounging for scraps.

Scs 55
Cordelia: Ugh, this one is… where did I get to? Oh well, ZZzzzzz…

Scs 56Scs 58
Scs 57Scs 59
Cordelia: *mumbles* No money…  lots of sun…  live in house of diamonds!  Stole it

She wakes up and rushes for work

Scs 62
Cordelia: Yay, no stairs!

*Sim God* Damn, I was sure she’d fall!

Cordelia: Got to get… to work early. When they see… my gazelle… run… they’ll make… me athlete celeb

Cordelia: Hey… what are… you looking… at?! I’m an… athlete!

Cordelia: I’ll charm… my way to… a new career. Wait… what do you… mean I’m too… early? Nearly had a… heart attack… getting here!
*sim God sniggers*

Table: Hey, you up there! I made friends all day today, and they fed us at school! I’m going home with my new friend Ethan Parrot! See you later!

Next time on the Clutterbuck legacy:
Will Cordelia manage a day’s work?
Will table keep making friends?
Will they thrive, or not be able to pay the mysterious bill?
All this and more next time!

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