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Hi guys,

So I know most of what you've seen from me in the last 3 months have been posts with original fiction drabbles for a challenge called 100 drabbles of summer. For those of you sick of these you'll be glad to know the competition ends tomorrow

I never dreamed of getting all 100, I aimed myself at 50 but had hopes of reaching 75. as you may or may not know I've been ill to the point of only being able to get up for a few hours a day, and some days not at all, so around half way through I kind of gave up. But through the help of some fantastic friends who threw ideas, prompts and images at me as of just now I wrote my fiftieth drabble! I met my goal, which I think is pretty damn good for feeling like crawling in a whole and dying!

This also means I have written 5000 words of fiction of my own making in this time (plus almost that many probably got deleted), I got to know my characters better, I got more ideas than I could ever fit into one novel, and most importantly I proved to myself that I can still reach my goals by doing little and often, I just have to break it down into smaller stages.

I aim to keep my journal active from now on, not let it fall into a slumber again. I'm not sure what I'll do, maybe review some of the autumn shows starting back up, maybe enter the odd fan fiction competition, and maybe just rant at you!

And finally I would like to thank my wonderful friends Jennifer and Denise who dragged me over my personal finish line with hours to spare. Even when I sent them neurotic emails in the middle of the night they dealt with me and got me back on my feet.
So thank you ladies, you are true friends.

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written for 100 drabbles of summer 2012

8) sand
I kicked my feet, stretching to touch the tip of an incoming wave as I sat on the beach wall. I grinned, poking my tongue through my teeth as my dad came over with an armful of hot chips. Our special day at the beach, just me and him, he did this with all of us. Spent proper time together like families in those old Christmas stories.

He handed me a tray, we both tucked in in silence, we didn't need to say anything. Even with a heavy dosing of sand the chips filled our stomachs to match our hearts.

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A/N Written for 100 drabbles of summer 2012
Author:  captain91
Fandom: original fiction
Characters:  Ashton, Ariella

-- 2. scout, )

-- 3. doggie paddle )

-- 64  a a sweaty man looking at a broken/off fan )

--37 air conditioning )

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Ok, so I'm giving this a go, I'd love to complete it, but I'm aiming to do at least 50 as a more realistic goal!

Runs from Jun1 to Sep 8
Let the drabbles commence!!!

Prompts this way )

049 / 100
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I thought, since everyone else has one, that I'd jump on the band wagon and make my own Master fic list to keep track of my scattered work. I will add more as it gets written

First off: my 100 drabbles of summer table 2011
and: 100 drabbles of summer 2012

My main Fics )

100 prompt table )
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Cookie Monster

Author: [ profile] captain91

Fandom: Grimm

Character/Pairing: Monroe
Beta: Dar

Rating: G

Word count: 856
Prompt: 13 Red

Summary: All Monroe wants in a nice quiet morning. But the world has other ideas.

A/N: This was my first attempt at a piece of Grimm fan fiction, which I entered into [ profile] grimm_challenge and came second place! I also got a lovely shiny banner!


 This was doubled up for the [ profile] 100_tales challenge under the prompt red

I picked up my smallest tweezers, reaching into the depths of the clock. Such an antique I rarely saw - it must be several centuries old, of European make, and still in perfect working order. That was – ugh, my hand slipped. The doorbell, stupid modern technology always interrupting. Maybe if I ignored them they’d just go away.

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Written for [ profile] charloft's 100 drabbles of summer

Author: [ profile] captain91

Fandom: Torchwood

Characters: Jack, Gwen, Owen

Prompt: hammock

Length: 100 words

Summary: Can the team get any work done while in Hawaii?

Sandy feet under here )

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Written for [ profile] charloft 's 100 drabbles of summmer

Author: captain91

Fandom: original fiction

Characters: Ashton (OMC)

Prompt: Mow

Length: 100 words

Summary: Ashton enjoys his first parent-free holiday




Drabble under here )

Author: captain91

Fandom: original fiction

Characters: Ashton (OMC)

Prompt: #62
Length: 100 words

Summary: The devastation of the plague weighs heavily on Ashton. Can they find any good news in the ravages land?



Guess what? Another drabble )

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Author: [ profile] captain91

Fandom: original fiction

Characters: Kim (OFC), Ashton (OMC)

Prompt: 071
Length: 100 words

Summary: Ashton enjoys the fair on his own, while Kim sulks. But what kind of big brother would that make him?

A/N written for 100 drabbles of summer. My, I'm getting productive!



Cute kids this way )

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Fandom: Merlin

Author: captain91

Characters: Arthur, Merlin

Length: 100 words

Prompt: trust (100 drabbles of summer) and 059 trust (from [ profile] 100_tales )

Summary: Arthur is concerned about Merlin

A/N Written for 100 drabbles of summer, I'm using this as a chance to try out some fandoms I watch but haven't gotten around to reading.



Boys hiding under here... )

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A double use drabble, both for the thursday prompt in [community profile] charloft, and for my 100 drabbles of summer table. Ashton and Kim, from a novel in progress (well, more like in planning)

Whether it is lightning, static, the kind between two people or the kind that lives inside your wall, give us a short short on electricity

Kim trembled. Ash looked into her eyes, just below him. He was covering her, trying to protect her from the fighting. He opened his mouth, platitudes on his lips, when he saw the naked fury burning in her caramel-brown eyes. He frowned.

Suddenly she snarled, an animalistic sound he'd never heard. She rolled him off of her, standing in one fluent move, his hung off her shirt, failing to keep her down.

"Enough!" she screamed, eyes blazing. White light flew up around her, lightning from a storm cloud. It flew out hitting enemies, leaving friends unharmed.

"What the hell, Kim?"

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Right, sorry in advance for any spamming over the next couple of month's, but i have joined charloft's 100 drabbles of summer. 100 drabbles in 100 days, i very much doubt i will finish, but at least I will have written more than I otherwise would!

These will be a mixture of fan fition and original, I will find a way to show what's what, but as of yet i don't know how.

Without further ado...

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Wish me Luck!Off to read prompts and do thinky-thoughts!
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Cross-Posted from [ profile] charloft. Let me know what you think.
Written from the point of view of my protagonist a few days after he finds himself trapped in an alien world, having to deal with things beyond his understanding.

xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" / 

Make a list of memories you have of your mother. Whether good, bad, or indifferent - there's bound to be some memories there. If you never knew or can't remember your mother, feel free to make a list of someone else you consider a maternal figure.



My mother


I remember the smell of Christmas dinner waking me in the morning,

I remember the tender smile and hug, even when I pretended to object,

I remember her silently sitting down with chocolate ice cream and two spoons when my first girl friend dumped me.

And she never talked, was just silent support

I remember when…


Oh hell, I'm sorry, I can't do this. Poem About the Father Instead )



Author's note: I know it said your mother or a maternal figure, but the father was the one that really grabbed me. I hope this is OK

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People say 'write what you know,' so maybe that is why there's such a plethora of stories out there about writers? (And gay vampires)
What areas of personal expertise do you incorporate into your chars? Or do you take the opposite point of view, and deliberately try to write about chars who are unlike you, and have radically different experiences from your own?

If you're writing chars who have personal experiences that are drastically different from your own, how do you get into their heads? Do you exhaustively research their backgrounds and professions, or write in a fantasy realm so you get to create the world from scratch?

Well, I breed and train horses, fight mythical creatures most days, forge my weapons and run a farm. That and I live with a witch and a tyrant. So yes, my life is pretty much identical to a lot of my characters.


...Wait, what? Computer games and living with my parents doesn't count? Well damn, I guess my life is nothing like my characters. Ok, I think I should start with my parents aren't that bad… most of the time. Well, I say most of the time...

Let me explain a bit about my life. I'm nineteen, disabled and bedbound. I have been for several years now. I conduct my entire life online, I'm on here all day, and a lot of the night writing, reading and playing games. I've always had an interest in writing, but lately I've begun to consider it as a more serious potential career. I know I am nowhere near publishing level yet (for one thing I've been writing mainly fan-fiction until now) but I plan to learn.

I'm slowly trying most genres out, but sci-fi or fantasy are the ones that call to me the most. I guess it's part escapism, and part practicality since I'm not restricted to accurately depicting lifestyles and locations I can't see for myself. The novel plan I have in my head started out as a daydream of a bored girl - I think I was reading a fantasy novel and thinking about aspects I did or didn't like - when it said to me "Earth to Laura, you've just plotted a damn novel in your daydream, write it down and share it!"

'Write what you know' is a kind of limited concept for me, since I haven't been in the world at large for most of my recent life. That said though, I do have areas that I could draw on to make an accurate and serious tale:

  • Being the only kid in a wheelchair in a school not well adapted, and with unhelpful staff and students alike
  • Being bullied for something out of my hands
  • Being constantly in pain and having to watch people do the things I wanted to do
  • Hospitals; stays away from parents, having the final say in my care from when I was eleven (my parents always gave me the truth about what doctors said, regardless of what they suggested. I really appreciated that as it was my body and life that were affected, but it meant it also put more stress on me)
  • Dealing with the rifts it's caused in my family, having to live this way

Those are just a few of the issues I could put into fiction to make an interesting story, in my opinion anyway. I've had ideas before, but it always makes me feel really awkward, like I'm laying myself naked on the page. They never get far, but maybe that will change when I get more confident in my writing. I think I also sort of live vicariously through my characters; I can't go out and do things, but they can, which is a possible other reason why I don't write what I know more often.

And finally, the core experience that we here all share is that we are in some form, writers. Are any of your chars writers, or does the thought of putting pen to paper bore them stiff?
If your chars are writers, what do they write?


I don't think any of my characters are writers, at least not as their main profession, but I guess that again could be to do with me living through my characters, therefore they wouldn't do the same things I do.

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Long time no see, hi all!

So, I got back from hell respite some time ago, but I’ve been flagging a bit on the whole doing stuff thing. I got out of the swing of things. I think I’m more in tune again, and hopefully you’ll see me more soon.

One of the tings I recently did was to join [ profile] charloft . I’ve had a rough couple of weeks so not much has been posted yet by me, but I like a lot of the prompts that I see so I think I’ll be doing more of them as time goes on. For those of you that don’t know they put up a prompt of some sort every day. The Monday one is for the author to answer, the rest of the week you answer as one of your characters.

I figured I’d post my prompts here as a cross reference and so this place has a bit less tumbleweed floating around! So, onto my introduction post:


Monday Third of Janurary 2011 Writing Goals )




And to everyone out there who still remembers me, yes, I am alive! Drop me a line and let me know how life’s been treating you, new storiues you’ve been writing etc


Take care

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ok, i need some help. i know i've seen this alien somewhere before, and i'm currently writing about it, bu i can't think what ti is and am struggling to describe it. any help on description or what ti is would eb greatly appreciated. the images aren't great - there's not much you can do in paint!

pictures under the cut... )


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Old piece cleaned up with the help of a friend (thanks drakky).

Title: Dr Who and the Phrat-A-Mouses part 2/2
Author: [ profile] captain91 
Characters: Tenth Doctor, Rose
Rating: general
Spoilers: none
Length: 2621. Total Length: 4370
Disclaimer: Not mine, or I’d actually be able to afford the box sets. No copyright infringement intended... yada yada.
Summary: Rose goes to visit her mum, but the TARDIS has landed in the future and something is very wrong...

Part 1/2


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